Welcome to the Southwest High School Raider Battalion page! We are an Army JROTC program!

Important Dates

When is the Military Ball? Are there going to be any more drill meets? When is the fundraiser's delivery day? To find out the answers to these questions, click the button below!

Uniform Guide

Are you constantly struggling with your uniform on Tuesday night? Don't know the measurement between the name tag and the star? Don't remember how big your earrings can be? Follow the link below for a detailed explanation of how to correctly wear the uniform!


Got your attention, didn't I? Well, scholarships is a fancy way of saying "free money". Scholarships is money you earn to help pay for a higher education! Have you had trouble finding scholarships? Click below to see this month's scholarships list!

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*Notice: 'let' is for how many years a student has been in the JROTC program.

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Raider Battalion Chant

Southwest, mean machine

Sharper than a guillotine

First to go, steal the show

How do you think we got to know?

take no mess we'll pass the test

Southwest Raiders are the best.

Hooah Southwest!

I am an Army Junior ROTC cadet. I will always conduct myself to bring credit to my family, country, school & the Corp of Cadets. I am loyal & patriotic. I am the future of the United States of America. I do not lie, cheat, or steal & will always be accountable for my action & deeds. I will always practice good citizenship & patriotism. I will work hard to improve my mind & strengthen my body. I will seek the mantle of leadership & stand prepared to uphold the Constitution & the American way of life. May God grant me the strength to alwa

Cadet Creed